My name is David Faulkner. I go by the name, "Crystalface". Im an artist based in Sydney, Australia.

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People often ask me where I get my ideas from. So I've written down some answers here, separated into four sections; Inspiration, Emotional, Physical and Mental. 



I've always been inspired by nature, I enjoy trying to replicate the fibonacci sequence in my drawings. I like how no tree is every truly the same. I love the way organic structures follow imperfect patterns and symmetry. Nature is never truly perfect, or maybe it is perfect in its imperfections? The same can be said for every aspect of existence, including people. I believe that life would be boring if it was free from imperfections.

I'm inspired by the idea that humans share an unconscious connection with one-another. Dreams inspire me. Spiritual, psychological and cosmic philosophies are also inspiring. 



I find emotion to be a powerful tool in art-making. Especially the emotional extremes; Sadness, elation, love, hate, heartbreak, etc. 

Alchemy is described as the act of transmuting base metals into gold. From a symbolic point of view, you could look at the base metals of alchemy as your emotions, and gold as inspiration. If you can transform a sad experience into an inspirational experience, then the hard times become times of possibility and instead of being defeated by your emotions, you can use them as tools for creation.  



Most of my pictures are very detailed, I try to create things that capture a person's attention for more than just a few seconds, like a book, or a song. I never know how a picture will turn out, there is always an element of mystery, which keeps me motivated, if i knew what a picture was going to look like, I'd lose interest.

I'll start a picture with rough pencil sketches, giving it a vague outline for me to follow. There's always a mixture of logical reasoning and illogical creativity involved. I then add pen, the pen doesn't have to conform to the pencil lines, there is no specific rule in place. if i were to follow strict rules, I would get bored. People say i must be patient, but i disagree, i get bored very easily! One of the few things that interests me is drawing, art is my favourite distraction. It helps me make sense of life. 

One method for coming up with unique ideas is to do rough scribbling within the space you want to fill. Then look at the scribbles to see what images pop out (like a Rorschach test). After you have found something, trace over what you see in pen. It's interesting to see what comes out!



One of the most common questions is whether I use psychedelics for inspiration. The answer is that although I was very much inspired and set on the path I'm on today thanks to a few psychedelic experiences when i was younger, i can no longer relive those experiences. My mind has always been very sensitive, I've had difficulties navigating reality, have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past, and unfortunately these issues are exacerbated by drugs to the point that the negatives outweigh the positives. Although most people can safely take psychedelics, its important to acknowledge that some people can't. 

Even though I don't rely on substance-induced experiences to inspire my art I do find art making to be a beautiful experience on its own. It's a meditative, dream-like process where I can create a world of my own within a piece of paper. No one picture is ever the same, and i never know how a piece will turn out until its complete. 

Its a "go with the flow" sort of thing. The best way for me to describe it is to explain it as automatic drawing or 'channelling'. Usually there is no specific theory behind the pictures, the images just flow out. I don't know where they come from, but upon reflection, I can analyse lots of potential meaning, and no interpretation is necessarily wrong, similar to a dream. 




I want you to be able to make up your own mind about what my pictures are saying, I don't want you to feel like you need to know more in order to appreciate them. 

All we have in this life is time. In the end we disappear but the things we create live on. So why not spend your time working on something positive that will be around after you die? It doesn't have to be art, it can be anything.

There's a lot to see in my art and so the gallery is set up with a tool that lets you zoom in and see everything. Go to the gallery section and check them out!  

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